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The 4 Minute Max Outs
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Ultimate Portability

The 4 Minute Max Outs. Your body is not a temple...It's a gym!

The 4 Minute Max Outs you are only ever 4 taps away from the ultimate portable bodyweight HIIT workout.

The 4 Minute Max Outs app is available from the Apple App Store for iOS. The 4 Minute Max Outs app is available from Google Play for Android. The 4 Minute Max Outs app is available from the Amazon App Store for Kinlde and supported Blackberry devices.

Accessibility is king. Health or otherwise.

Free gym membership for life?

Want free gym membership for life? Who doesn't?
With all the best weights and cardio equipment money can buy for your size? Would be nice.
Truth is, you've already got it. And it's accessible to you any where on the planet, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
It's called your body.

Your body is not a temple ...

Contrary to popular pretentious slogans, your body is not a temple ... It's a gym! And it's an amazing gym at that! And you've had free membership to that gym your whole life without even realising it. And it's perfectly portable and perfectly equipped for your size. And let's be honest, even if you have equipment, and equipment is always a good thing too, everyone needs a portable workout. You can't take your gym or home weights with you. Sometimes, you can't even take your trainers with you! Truth is you don't actually need either to get in the best shape of your life. All you need is your own body. Nothing else at all. The ancient Greeks knew it. They trained army's on it. And soldiers are still trained today on it, but somehow modern society has forgotten about the free gym membership given to us for life at birth, with all the best cardio and strength training equipment you could ever hope for. These days, fitness seems to be synonmous with expensive gym membership or sessions, a personal trainer, a new gimmic health food accompanied by new fad diet. Not to mention the obsession with expensive sports clothing, and wearable tech and apps, that graph everything based on inaccurate hardware readings and yet wont actually get you to burn a single calorie let alone pound of body fat. Just look at the bodies on those ancient Greek statues. They had none of this and yet they looked like Olympic gymnasts. There's actually a good reason for that.

Portability gets things done.

Portability is important because to get continuous results, you need your exercise to be sustainable. And for exercise to be sustainable, it has to be accessible in your life circumstance. And everyone's life circumstance is different. After all, it's the reason why MP3 successfully dominated CD and why you are most probably reading this on a smartphone or tablet. Portability gets things done.

Accessibility and sustainability are what get real results.

Technically, on paper, CD has slightly superior sound to MP3 and desktop pcs are slightly more powerful than mobile devices. But in terms of practical reality, this means nothing if it means you never get to listen to your music or access the internet. And when the difference in results are negligible anyway, portability wins every time and your life is improved massively because of it. The exact same principle applies to exercise and getting your health. Too many people worry about the 'most efficient' way to go about things on paper over the best way to go about things in their circumstance and relevant to their end goals. And this is particularly true of people and their gym time. And, more often than not, this ultimately leads to them doing nothing worthwhile at all. It's like holding out until you can afford the absolute fastest car to get you from A to B, even though the speed limit is 70mph so any option would be equally as good to get you to your goal right now, and then realising that you can't actually afford to pay the insurance anyway! The result? You get nowhere fast. Continuous hard work is the only way to achieve your dreams in life. So many people read that phrase and hear the emphasis on the 'hard work'. And yet 'Continuous' is the word with the capital letter. It doesn't matter how hard you are capable of working if that work isn't accessible to you. Unless you have sustainable access to the work, you simply wont be able to do it.

Barriers are just an illusion.

Being healthy and looking good is something that everybody desires. Of course it is, there's no point in denying it. The problem is it's something that many believe they can't achieve for what ever reason. Inaccessibility and misconceptions of the cost, equipment needed, and time involved to get fit, are the biggest barriers that stop people getting in shape and the biggest excuse generators for not doing exercise. And the irony is, whatever your age, weight, sex, financial status, social circumstance, it needn't be. The barriers are just an illusion. No matter where you are in the world, you can start getting in fantastic shape straight away, right now, with no equipment needed at all. All you need is properly focused calisthenics and HIIT to get you the fittest you've ever been in your entire life. Fast.


Accessibility trumps maximum efficiency.

Lifting heavy weights is the most efficient way of building muscle mass. That is true. It would be nothing short of foolish to try and deny that. Lifting heavy weights, when done effectively, using a variety of set structures and ensuring you work the whole body throughout each week with both compound and isolation exercises, is the most efficient way of promoting protein synthesis to stimulate muscle growth. But it is certainly not the only effective way. Nor is it much use for functional fitness or even high calorie burns. It is an excellent way to stay healthy and strong and is always a very highly recommended fitness option. You really can't knock lifting heavy weights for fullfilling the essential corner stone of any overall fitness routine, resistance training. But, and this is a major big but that most people fail to see, and the same big but that causes so many people to get no results for years...only provided you have the full range of weights and equipment required to do so, know what to do with them, have the time to use them, know how to eat to get results from them, and have them accessible to you at all times. If you don't have the time, or you don't know how to use them effectively in a progressive schedule that you can stick to to train your whole body evenly, they are not particularly efficient at all compared to other forms of exercise and can actually lead to muscular imbalances from bad uneven training practices. So, not only does that mean expensive gym membership, and a potential personal trainer, it means the time required to get there, work out, and then come back again. And as already said, even with the right equipment, are you sure you know how to work out efficiently with heavy weights to get results and reach your goal? And more importantly, have you actually got the time, circumstance, or even inclination to permit this? Don't forget, you'll have to spare more time on top of the weight training for cardio. Your results, or lack of, should let you know pretty quickly if you are are doing things right.

Maximum efficiency is only ever relative to a sustainable circumstance.

The reality is, maximum efficiency is only ever relative to a sustainable circumstance. Maximum efficiency on paper is only maximum efficiency in practice if you have all the right equipment, time, and knowledge to do it efficiently. If you don't have all these, you could just be wasting your time. And this is why great swathes of people spend endless time in the gym throwing weights around and jogging on treadmills just to produce very little or even no results over time. And then there are your end goals. Do you only want massive bulging muscles above all else, or do you prefer large, lean, shapely, toned muscles with all round functional strength, agility and health? There are other hugely effective ways to build strength, muscle, and cardio fitness other than just the classical lifting heavy weights, long slow jogging, and expensive gym membership combination. And, for most peoples circumstance these will actually prove much more effective and yield far greater, faster results, simply by the fact that they are accessible at any time and require no equipment at all.

The 4 Minute Max Outs. Bodyweight vs free weights?

Assess your goals. You don't need a cannon to kill a mosquito.

For the vast majority of people's fitness goals, bodyweight training is more than enough to achieve your goals. Assess your goals. What is it you are after? Think how many kilograms your body is due to gravity alone. With leverage and motion you can spread or multiply that weight and apply it to any part of your body at will. That's your adjustable weights rack. So when it comes to strength training, the vast majority of people already have all the weights they need in the form of their own body weight. Calisthenics maintains all the fantastic benefits you can receive from varied full body and isolation strength training and you can do it right now, where ever you are in the world, with no equipment needed at all and start getting fantastic results straight away. And you can get it done in less time than it will take you to even get to the gym, let alone do your workout and then make it back home again. Calisthenics is the strength and agility training of choice for gymnasts, dancers, and the military alike, for the full body strength, coordination, and agility it nurtures by default in the process. Being able to demonstrate 20 power jumps and 20 burpees is always an infinitely better indicator of full body functional fitness, speed, strength, and health than just being able to demonstrate a big bicep. And it still grows muscle. Furthermore, when something is this readily accessible, it's actually pretty hard to make an excuse not to do it. So you do it more often. And your body goes where ever you go. So where ever you are right now on the planet, there are no barriers to entry here at all. You could do it right now this second if you wanted to. And start getting fantastic results right now this second. If you wanted to that is. The ancient Greeks knew this. Militaries around the world know it. Gymnasts know it. Dancers know it. Modern society has made most people forget this in exchange for expensive gym memberships, sports apparel, and high tech gadgets.

I don't like running in the street so I still need the gym for cardio...

Going for long runs is best for burning fat, toning up, and improving your cardio ability, right? I don't like running in the street so I still need the gym for cardio. Right? Wrong and wrong. HIIT has been proven to burn vastly more calories in the same space of time and also generate an afterburn effect that continues to burn calories for up to 24 hours after exercise. HIIT is also the best way to improve your cardio. Plus it stimulates growth hormone and testosterone and utilises the energy systems in your body that serve to promote anaerobic muscular benefits in your body as well as aerobic. So in other words, it can help you to burn fat faster, help you to get fitter faster, and importantly unlike running, can help you to retain, and potentially even build muscle mass as you do so. So even if you are into lifting heavy weights, HIIT is the perfect tool to keep or get fat off and take care of the all important cardio training in your schedule without sacrificing hard earned muscle mass and time you don't have. And it gets results in half the time of going for long runs and can even be done in your own home in the smallest of spaces. So, once again, where ever you might be on the planet right now, there are no barriers to entry here either. You could do it right now this second if you wanted to. And start getting fantastic results right now this second. If you wanted to that is.

The 4 Minute Max Outs. Bodyweight training vs cardio machines?

What The 4 Minute Max Outs solves for you.

Of course there is actually one quite major glaring barrier to all this. The knowledge of how to utilise calisthenics and HIIT effectively, and how to eat well, with ordinary foods that wont take an age to prepare, to get the most out of exercise. And to be fair, that's a pretty damn big barrier! But that's exactly what The 4 Minute Max Outs solves for you. So with The 4 Minute Max Outs, where ever you might be on the planet right now, there really are no barriers to entry, and no excuses to be made, for you not to get in the best shape of your life. Fast. You already have everything you need to do it. You just need to do it.

The 4 Minute Max Outs is the ultimate portable bodyweight HIIT workout.

The 4 Minute Max Outs app is the ultimate portable HIIT workout and the King of personal fitness apps. And as it's modular, focused and adaptable, it's made for everyone. Beginners and experts alike. As it goes where ever your phone goes, it goes where ever you go. With tons of varied routines, adaptable and stackable by time and focus, it will get you to do exactly what you have to to get effective results from calisthenics and HIIT. And it will get you to do it in the shortest amount of time possible. Every 4 minutes of The 4 Minute Max Outs encorporates 20 seconds more high intensity exercise than the Tabata Protocol, and more importantly, in a stategic way that has a doable completion rate rather than just more time on paper where in practice you just spend half of it lying on your back doing nothing from exhaustion wasting time. It will get you results and save you time doing it. Due to it's focused and modular nature, as well as being an insanely tough workout for the fittest people out there, it can also be perfect for getting a HIIT fix for those who are not good at strength moves, or for integrating strength moves into your routine gradually, or incorporating into other schedules or training routines to augment them or help to break plateaus if you want to. The scope is endless and adjustable by you. For good results, you always have to push yourself to your own limit and beyond, that cannot be stressed enough. Results will come, but never from an easy ride. You have to push yourself. But with The 4 Minute Max Outs you can adjust that limit for you and your own personal circumstance.

The 4 Minute Max Outs website tells you everything you need to know, including your diet, to get in great shape fast. It is accessible for free to anyone with basic internet access. So if you find it helps you, please spread the word so it can help others too.

No more excuses.

So that's that. No borders, no boundaries. No more excuses. So what are you waiting for? You could do it right now this second if you wanted to. And start getting fantastic results right now this second with no equipment required at all. If you wanted to that is. You don't even need to leave the house to get this done if you don't want to. Even if you're not in the mind set to believe in what you can gain from accessible exercise right now, you have to ask yourself this ...What have you got to lose? (Besides body fat and your future health problems that is?)

No matter who you are, you're body is a gym with free lifelong membership and all the equipment you need to both get and stay in great shape your whole life. Just remember that, and don't waste that free opportunity.

It's time to get in the best shape of your life. Fast.

The 4 Minute Max Outs. For most people, bodyweight training is the most efficient way to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The 4 Minute Max Outs. The ultimate portable bodyweight HIIT workout.