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Quick 5 Diet Plan

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Take 5 simple steps to a healthier you.

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5 simple steps to a healthier you.

Time to get in shape.

If you're reading this, it's likely you've made the choice. It's time to get in shape. Here's 5 very simple steps you can take to transform your diet into a healthy eating plan that will fuel your workouts and get you great results. As it is based around a food ratio suitable for your own personal body mass and goal, this plan is suitable for all, whether you want to burn fat, bulk up on muscle, or just be healthy.

1. Get your totals.

Use the nutrition calculator to get your daily calorie goal, how much protein you need to be consuming, and your relative preference of carbohydrates to fats. Use these figures as your target food consumption to help you achieve your goal.


2. Minus your drinks and snacks.

Account for all your drinks that you will have throughout the day. Tea, coffee, water are negligible unless you add sugar and milk. It is strongly recommended that you cut out all added sugar in drinks. In fact you should always try to avoid sugar that is added in anything just for taste. Milk is good, but workout your estimated intake. For example 1 pint skimmed = 200 cals, 20g protein, 25g carbohydrates, 0g fat. Water is best, but if you struggle with just water then, weak low sugar squash is alright as it's only around 10 calories per glass. Be aware that cartoned fruit juice is around 120 calories per cup with approximately 25 grams of fast burning carbohydrates and a pint of beer or a glass of wine can range from 170 to 230 calories with around 10 grams of carbohydrates in beer and only 5 grams in wine. Basically, alcoholic drinks are high calorie and low nutrition and cartoned fruit juice is just a high calorie unnecessary overdose of fructose. If you're trying to create a calorie deficit, it's better to avoid cartoned fruit juice, beer, and wine as they wont do you any favours. Add up all your drinks and subtract this from your totals.

Even if you're trying to create a calorie deficit, you have to be realistic and honest with yourself. Is there that one food a day you just can't go without right now? If you snack, try to make sure it's healthy and keep it to a minimum and work out your total calories and nutrition as above. You can get this from the food packaging. Again subtract this from your overall totals.

3. Divide your new totals by 5 or 6.

Have 5 to 6 smaller meals a day approximately 3 hours apart. From the remainder of your overall totals, break your food consumption goals (calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats) down into 5 or 6 portions so each meal has a similar amount of everything your body needs. This will reduce hunger, help to take your mind off food, reduce insulin spikes, give you a steady supply of energy, ensure you take your protein in portions that won't get wasted, and make it much easier for you to ensure you get 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.


4. Work out what to eat.

This stage involves a bit of research on your behalf, finding healthy foods that make up your totals for each meal, and that you like, can realistically prepare each day, and that you can mix and match. The 4 Minute Max Outs has free tools to help you with this. To get a massive head start on this, the handy diet guide can quickly show you a rough but clear guide on healthy easy to prepare foods and the kind of healthy portion sizes they could be consumed in. The Quick 5 Guides and the food guide, can help you to work out what foods will satisfy each meals totals for calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats. The internet is also full of information sites that give you nutritional break downs of different foods as is food packaging. This is an important stage as it will help you understand what you are eating to enable you to make your own choices. Choosing to eat healthily and exercise is a choice you have to make for yourself if you are to make a lifestyle change. Approximations of values are perfectly fine. Any calorie limit or food ratio is a target guide, not an exact science, as everybody's body is different. You can also adjust your meal sizes here to suit your circumstance better if needed. For instance you might prefer a larger breakfast and smaller mid morning meal. The same goes for afternoon snack and dinner. Just re allocate calories accordingly. If you add more calories to one meal, take the same off another. When doing this, be mindful that your body can only utilise up to 30g protein for muscle growth in each of these meals, larger meals create higher insulin levels in the blood, and that your hunger levels will increase during the day if you tip the balance too much. Breakfast and your post workout meal can afford to be slightly larger as this is when your insulin sensitivity is naturally at it's highest. So having your dinner as a post workout meal is a good idea. If you need them to achieve your protein intake, don't forget to include your protein supplements in the daily calorie and protein count.


5. Stick to the plan.

So far so good. You've created a great nutritious plan for yourself, and should have gained a greater understanding what exactly you are eating ... now all you have to do is stick to it. And this is the hardest part. This is where the hard work, will power, and dedication comes into play. This is where you find out how much you really want this. Read the dieting guide. Don't leave thinking about food until the very last minute or you'll end up snacking on all the wrong things. Stock your cupboards and fridge with healthy foods and prepare your meals the night before so you are never caught short by hunger and forced into an unhealthy option. Prepare food a couple of days ahead to save time. Once you get into a routine this will all be second nature to you. Then you can put maximum intensity into your workouts with the comfort of knowing that your eating isn't letting you down. Great results will follow. Fast.

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