The 4 Minute Max Outs
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The 4 Minute Max Outs Safety Notice

Safety Notice

The 4 Minute Max Outs HIIT Workout Creator and all exercises contained therein are a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Although suitable, in general, for persons of any age and gender to partake in, you should always get your health checked out by a doctor before you undertake any kind of strenuous exercise. These routines, as with any HIIT routine, are not intended for use by those with any underlying heart or respiritory problems.

The routines in The 4 Minute Max Outs HIIT Workout Creator have been strategically designed to work your body’s muscles and cardio vascular system to the maximum. The routines incorporate carefully selected speed and strength drills for each Max Outs focus. During the routines your heart rate will go up, your muscles will tire, and you will sweat. A lot.

You should not attempt any form of exercise if you are unable to accept that potential risk of injury comes hand in hand with any form of physical activity. Personal injury from exercise or physical activity, and taking due care to avoid it, is always the sole responsibility of the individual performing it at all times.

Dietary advice is provided in this product to help you get fit. However, your diet and what you choose to eat, remain your full responsibility at all times. Certain foods can effect different people differently. If you have, or think you may have, specific medical dietary requirements, you should always seek medical advice and or a professional nutritionist for a full personal assessment tailored to your own personal body's needs.

DO as much as you can do, as best as you can do, and you will get the best results that you can from these workout routines. Nobody can do any more than that.
DO warm up before any kind of exercise. The Warm In has been provided for your use or else ensure you take the first set slower than usual and ease into the second.
DO maintain good form during all exercises: head inline neutral spine, bend at the knees and hips(not the middle of your back or neck), bend knees above toes but not past them(so you push your bum back and down when squatting).
DO slow down or take a short break if your form gets sloppy.
DO keep well hydrated by ‘sipping’ water in the 20 second breaks throughout.
DO stop if you feel light headed, nauseous, faint, weary, chest pains or have difficulty breathing.
DO eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates to help fuel your workouts, and protein to help your muscles recover after.

DO NOT do prolonged intensive exercise on a very low carbohydrate diet.
DO NOT eat a heavy meal within an hour before a workout.
DO NOT eat during a workout.
DO NOT give up on your health goals.
DO NOT listen to the nay sayers. You can do this!


The 4 Minute Max Outs. The Ultimate Portable Bodyweight HIIT Workout.