The 4 Minute Max Outs
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About The Max Out Schedules

The 4 Minute Max Outs. The ultimate portable HIIT bodyweight workout.

The Max Out Schedules.

Helping you focus towards your goal.

The Max Out Schedules are structured workout patterns to help you achieve your goals faster whilst using The 4 Minute Max Outs.

There are currently 2 Max Out Schedules for you to use :-

1. Maximising burning fat and toning up. (7 day rotation)
2. Maximising strength / muscle gains. (7 day rotation)

Scheduled days are always numbered, ie 1 to 7 rather than Monday to Sunday, so you can better sync them to suit your weekly circumstance. A schedule hasn't been provided for general maintenance. This is because without a specific goal, anything goes really. So long as you work out regularly, 3 or more times a week, and eat healthily you don't strictly need a schedule. Don't be put off if the schedules are too intense. They are meant to push and challenge you past what you are accustomed to to get you to your goal in the shortest space of time. Just do your best and you will still get the best results that you can, and you will still improve every time.

These Max Out Schedules are not the only path to your end goals. There is flexibility in obtaining results. For example, you can still see muscle growth in the burn fat and tone up schedule, especially if you eat more, it's just you will likely build muscle faster by following the strength focused schedule. Likewise you can still lose weight in the strength schedule, especially if you eat less, it's just you will likely lose weight faster on the burn fat and tone up schedule. And this is the basic point of a schedule, to create an optimal path to your desired goal. It's not to say it's the only path to that goal.

Although you should see excellent results from The Weekly Max Out Schedules, you don't need to restrict yourself to them if they don't fit your circumstance meaning you wont be able to do them. Adaptablitiy is one of the main features of The 4 Minute Max Outs. Feel free to make your own workouts using the Max Out Mixer and to devise your own schedules that fit around your circumstance. There are notes on how to go about this in the 'Create Your Own' section.

When viewing a schedule, you can tap to open it in a new page to pinch and zoom if required for better viewing on your device.

You can't out train a bad diet.

And don't forget what you eat makes a huge difference, if not the biggest difference, to attaining your goal. You can mix and match weeks as you please - even across schedules if you want, so long as you are eating right for getting smaller or bigger in line with your goal.

Which schedule should I do first?

In terms of which schedule should you do, it's recommended to start with a couple of months of the burning fat and toning up schedule in a calorie deficit to get in optimal shape, get eating well, get your healthy base diet ironed out, and to get more accustomed to the focused bodyweight strength and power moves in shorter doses, before attempting them in greater volume in the focused strength building schedule. This way you'll get healthier, and tone, strengthen and sculpt what you already have, much quicker, putting you in the best position, both health and strength wise, to then eat a bit more again, and either work to maintain your new body with your own schedules, or to jump straight into having a go at the focused strength gains schedule. It's all good so long as you aim to keep things sustainable to you and your circumstance.


The 4 Minute Max Outs. The ultimate portable HIIT bodyweight workout.